Acumen Resources provides large and closely held employers, locally and nationally, with customized corporate outplacement and recruiting services and solutions attuned with the new economy realities requiring competitively differentiating human capital and change management strategies.

Acumen is truly a boutique provider. Its locally determined business platform promotes the freedom to be more nimble than others in fashioning the custom solutions you need. Our culture embraces and perpetuates: intimate company and candidate relationships; disciplined industry focus; hands on service providing leaders; and deep, specialized expertise in only two practice areas – outplacement and recruiting.

As business people prioritizing providing clients real business solutions, we think the speed and complexity of your business challenges are too varied and nuanced to be pre-packaged into static marketing-driven process diagrams supporting a lengthy listing of "we can do it all" services. Instead, we believe the mutual benefits of quality employment transitions and “best fit” placements are the product of: honoring core values; invoking a sense of urgency; attending to co-extensive strategic objectives; and applying long term business vision and judgment.

Many firms suggest that they want to be your business partner, but can somehow offer this outcome to meeting the needs of everybody. Instead, we prefer building relationships that are more like a business investment – selective and high quality, with repeat engagements compounding the mutual return.