Our Story

Acumen Resources was started in 2006 with a number of loyal corporate clients that had gravitated to John Tritschler’s personal crafting of customized outplacement solutions and his consistent efforts to deliver more than is required. As remains true today, the founding intent was to be a boutique with hands on, service-delivering leaders and to target customers that sought business substance rather than size and marketing generated service mirages.

Acumen continued to prosper for several years, prior to John meeting Patrick Bauer in 2013. They were brought together at the suggestion of a mutual corporate client who had regularly engaged with both over the past decade.

Upon meeting, they discovered each others positive, energetic and competitive personalities. They also found a shared knowledge-driven approach to securing client win-win ROI and results by: valuing personal communications; the courage to provide honest situational assessments/evaluations; and timely, pro-active “golden rule” customer service and follow-through. The benefits of this more intensive style include: learning organizational cultures and decision making styles; identifying emerging industry/segment trends; and revealing candidates’ actual vs. showcase individual qualities, backgrounds and unique circumstances.

John and Patrick also agreed the outplacement/recruiting bar has been lowered by “jack of all trades” firms claiming customized expertise because of their contradictory willingness to be everything to everybody. John and Patrick believe the firms touting size or a lengthy listing of pre-determined programs, allegedly proprietary processes or publication-based marketing are actually masking the need for “one size fits all” standardization required for multi-location quality control, their use of part-time project contractors or low cost “sink or swim” hires –  relying on “post and pray” and “buzz word bingo” methods.

John and Patrick recognized the exponential power of staying focused and having deeply experienced outplacement and recruiting consultants re-enforcing each others respective efforts.

While there are common elements between outplacement and recruiting because of broadly belong to the employment industry, our problem solving starting points and perspectives are also very different. Our teaming produces a truly multifaceted dynamic benefiting both the companies and candidates we serve.

As Acumen Resources moves forward, you can expect that the combined synergy of its leadership’s respective talents and experiences will only strengthen Acumen Resources’ boutique pedigree in delivering customized and business savvy ROI results to your outplacement and recruiting needs.

Our Team

John Tritschler

John began his outplacement consulting career in 1994. Prior to starting Acumen Resources in 2006, John managed Trainor/Frank’s outplacement division for 12 years building its sales, credibility and professionalism to match the firm’s reputation in recruiting. He is recognized by repeat customers for bringing common sense, big picture perspectives to company and candidate outplacement needs, strategies and problem solving.

I sincerely look forward to going to work every day. It’s a great fit for a creative, problem solving analytic. You use both sides of your brain – you are a catalyst to turning around negatives often impacting more than a job by providing practical and motivational insights to help people see themselves in a bigger way and as a result take control of defining their futures.

John’s career foundations include being a cum laude graduate of Marquette University, as well as from its Law School. After graduation, he served with the Wisconsin Supreme Court featuring his research and writing skills and then proceeded into 12 years in private legal practice assisting a diverse array of corporations and entrepreneurs as a “hands on” adviser, officer and director. This resulted in working for a client’s retail clothing chain as its Vice President of Administration with responsibilities in human resources, marketing and the refocusing of its product lines and operations.

John's eclectic interests and career experiences, including career change and business ownership, differentiates his outplacement insights and advice.

Outside of work, John enjoys sports, youth coaching, politics and cooking.

These interests are similar to business – small details and variables can change the results in a big way.

Despite growing up in Illinois, John's "excellent judgment" is evidenced by being an intense Brewers and Packers fan.

You have to root where you pay your taxes.

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Patrick Bauer

Patrick has been a leading force in the Milwaukee recruiting market for 20+ years. His extensive network of long standing relationships emphasize his sense of urgency balanced by the time he takes in collecting and providing in-depth candidate/company analyses and his tireless persistence in “turning every stone” to find the right fit for both current and future needs.

In keeping his recruiting practice exclusively focused across manufacturing functions, Patrick leverages his personal background as a Milwaukee School of Engineering graduate in Industrial Technology and early career experiences managing at P&H Harnischfeger.

I love recruiting because of its competitiveness and having first-hand knowledge of the exponential opportunities that can be created by hiring for strategy, leadership, and most of all, character.

This strategic mindset of recruiting “the entire person” accounts for Patrick’s repeated success identifying game changing C-Executives and emerging Senior Leaders, as well as building teams with leading edge engineering/technical innovators, operational visionaries and sales professionals with sustainable records.

I literally grew up with many of the area’s manufacturing leaders via school, working together or placing them … often they are referring me today’s most qualified candidates.

In addition to his personal success as a recruiter, Patrick has led business operations, staff mentoring and client development for several of Milwaukee’s best known recruiting houses, including Novo Consulting.  Due to consistent integrity, relationship priorities and an engaging personality, Patrick is typically only one or two phone calls away from virtually anyone within the Milwaukee/Wisconsin manufacturing sector.

In addition to sports, music and cooking being Patrick’s primary diversions, he is an avid hunter and outdoors-man.

When you’re ready, let’s go ice fishing.

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