OVERVIEW-- Most business problem solving starts with instilling communications that effectively identify and address pivotal facts and issues.  This explains Acumen Resources’ emphasis on individually personalizing its outplacement services.  Our 1-on-1 consultant and candidate dynamic prioritizes mutual talking, listening, questioning, analyzing and researching.  Acumen's interactive teaming forges an multifaceted understanding of the personal circumstances, skills, past accomplishments, career goals and business strategies essential to developing and executing customized plans capable of turning around individually unique employment scenarios.

Individual Services

Acumen's Service Priorities [click to open] is a comprehensive road map of the preparation and elements necessary for re-employment. However, it usually takes more than job search tactics to achieve the optimum goal of timely and quality re-employment, which can often be derailed by a myriad of ancillary job loss issues. Timely and quality re-employment requires knowing one's self, career and market requirements. Most separated employees have neither the expertise nor the ability to hold a mirror to themselves, career, psyche and circumstances and see all the possibilities, pitfalls and answers.

To secure a meaningful examination of these issues, Acumen combines this service priorities road map with the boutique intimacy of intensive, goal-driven, 1-on-1 consultant and candidate collaboration. As a result, re-employment is often accelerated and regularly into a "better" position by: addressing job loss personal and financial insecurities; providing the motivation, perseverance and confidence for navigating job search delays and speed bumps; helping many see their potential as greater than previously allowed; evaluating managerial and/or organizational disconnects; and examining whether career dissatisfaction/setback would be best answered by career change or self-employment.

Acumen Resources also supports every individual campaign with highly accessible office space and resources. Candidates are encouraged to create an everyday “just like work” routine and momentum. Regardless of candidate background, this factor has proven to be the most significant differentiator in re-employment timing and success, regardless of age, position and level.

We doubt other firms whose business models are premised on candidate volume meet these objectives. Reports are candidates get “lost” and office resources limited as new projects turnstile in. Commentators have described their purported proprietary processes as “cookie cutter” to achieve national, multi-office consistency.  Service devices such as workbook exercises, webinars and candidate sharing sessions divert attention from consultant face time and mitigate the impact of frequently using manual-reliant, part-time project contractors - raising questions about their own self interest in promoting a sense of candidate urgency.

By contrast Acumen offers the experience of: 20+ years of outplacement problem solving and judgment; industry diverse business/strategic expertise; P&L accountability; first hand insights on career change and business ownership; daily interaction within a recruiting/employment incubator; and far-reaching networking contacts. But, most of all, we are built to give every assignment the time it takes to produce quality, timely results.

Service Periods, Candidate Functions & Industries Served

Due to Acumen’s individually customizing dynamic, we can also offer sponsoring employers budget flexibility without diminishing service effectiveness. Unlike other firms having a strict program and price matrix that add/delete services across the platform, we focus on individual needs. For instance, regardless of the employee's level and because its "the right thing to do" when needed, we will incorporate spousal involvement and until employed support into any program.

While we have fashioned a variety of service solutions, Acumen most often answers employers’ requests for service periods of 15 days and 1, 2, 3, 6 and 12 months. However, we will always work with employers to adjust to budget and candidate factors in determining a service period responsive to both the company and the individual. Despite different service periods, we can achieve our high quality objectives by flexing the intensity of some search topics, reinforcement activities and document reviews.

Acumen’s customizing also promotes being equally effective across all organizational levels and functions. Successful results have been produced for C-Executives, Directors, Managers and Front Line Contributors in Operations, Production, Quality, Accounting/Finance, Marketing, IT, Supply Chain, Sales, Customer Service and Research.  While similar service outcomes are targeted, we respond to each through respective adjustments in content intensity, variable demands to define functional skills and the complexity of issues at each level.

The majority of Acumen Resources’ assignments have spanned most manufacturing sectors, including printing, as well as in financial services and healthcare administration. In part, this is due to our boutique discipline, as well as repeat customers keeping us centered in these areas. Nevertheless, our business agility has been demonstrated by successful assignments in a variety of other business service areas and while executing referrals from premier outplacement providers, literally extending coast to coast.

Group Services

While Acumen Resources’ focus emphasizes 1-on-1 individually customized assignments, our creative, quality results have prompted clients to request a group solution when separating several employees at one time.  In group delivery, the same coaching elements and service priorities within individual assignments are incorporated into a classroom format.

The group sessions can readily be segmented with certain topics and activities given more attention to facilitate delivery over 1, 2 and 3 day periods. Acumen's group flexibility has also accommodated employers needing to announce their downsizing decisions, yet continue operations with these employees for an extended period of time – anywhere from 60 days to 6 months.  Acumen tailored the group job search coaching into 6-10 sessions presented throughout the pre-separation period.

Regardless of the particular group platform or circumstances, Acumen has also regularly responded to employers wanting to supplement group sessions with individual resume development, personal follow-up meetings, a job bank of employer leads and/or an on-site resource center.

Whatever your need, we welcome the opportunity to create a customized solution answering the unique circumstances of your business.